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Northern New England Review (NNER) is a literary journal devoted to and inspired by place—place as an idea, an incantation, a pin in a map, a mood, the tension between past & present. NNER, now in its 40th year, is published by Franklin Pierce University as a creative voice for the Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine region. Our Volume 40 theme, Almanac, will celebrate our fortieth edition—honoring our storied history by gazing forward (& skyward). Please interpret Almanac however you like; play with notions of forecasts, fortunes, & predictions. Tear up the star chart & sketch a new one. Surprise & haunt us with your cryptic calendars, mirrors, or spellbooks. In our digital moment, how much mystery can (& should) remain as we visualize & plan the future? 

Please submit one high-resolution image for the editorial team to consider. We do not offer payment at this time, but, if selected, we provide five contributor copies of NNER, and your work will be available at every public library in New Hampshire and more than 200 locations across northern New England. All artists will be notified of the final selection in March 2020. 

Thank you!

—NNER Vol 40 Editors