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We publish the most exciting poetry from writers living in (or connected to) northern New England—Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. 

  1. Please submit no more than three poems, not to exceed 60 lines each. 
  2. Up to three poems may be submitted in one submission period. If you are submitting them together, poems must be in a single file/attachment. Please indicate the poem titles in the title field. Please do not send multiple files/attachments with this submission form.  
  3. Submission files that are accepted: Word .doc or .docx only. 
  4. Please do not use special characters in your filename such as: ! @ # $ % ^ */ .
  5. In the cover letter section, please include an author’s biography of up to 60 words and your association with northern New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont).
  6. There are no reading fees for submissions at this time. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but we ask to be notified immediately if the work you’ve submitted has been accepted elsewhere.
  7. The Northern New England Review acquires First North American Serial Rights for each poem accepted for publication, after which all copyrights revert back to the author. We do ask to be acknowledged in any future re-printings or publications. Unfortunately, we unable to offer payment at this time but each author whose work is selected to appear in The Northern New England Review will receive one complementary printed copy of the issue in which their work appears.  
  8.  We will accept submissions until January 1, 2020. We endeavor to review and respond to submissions as soon as possible, but please note that our response time may be up to three months from the date of the submission.
  9. All contributors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by March 1, 2020.